How To Subscribe

If you enjoy reading the content on this blog, but don’t want to have to keep checking for updates through your browser, there are three simple ways to find out when something new gets posted.

1) If you use twitter, follow the official twitter feed via:

Or, if you want to follow my general ramblings about life, film and everything in between you can do so via:

Either way, anytime something gets posted I authomatically update both statuses with a link to the relevant article.

2) If you use an RSS Reader, such as Google Reader, the one for this site is:

3) If neither of these things appeal, you can always go with the email option.

To do so, have a look to the right of this post and if you scroll down you should see “Email Subscription”.  Just type your email address in there, and you’ll be kept informed when new stuff is posted to the blog.

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