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Top Five Films of Edinburgh International Film Festival


So Edinburgh International Film Festival is over another year. The festival has become a time of exhilaration and frustration for me. Exhilaration, in that I get to see lots of amazing independent films; and frustration in that one of the few downsides of having a full-time job as teacher is that I cannot take time off to see all the films I would like to.

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Sanctuary (EIFF 2013)


Faro, or Sanctuary to give it its English title, is a film about the relationship between a father and his daughter who run away deep into the woods. The father is wanted for murder but Hella, who is around 12-years-old, is adamant that she will not be taken way from him. So they escape and must try and survive on tinned food, wild mushrooms, and any animals they can catch to survive.

It is a film almost entirely shot outdoors, and the ‘sanctuary’ that becomes their home has a kind of other-worldly feel to it. They live close to a beautiful lake with an astonishing forest of trees just below the surface. In some ways the mythic nature of the place betrays the fact in can only ever be temporary. This is reflected in the way in which the father longingly talks of running off to Faro in Portugal at some point in the future.

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