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Top Five Films of 2013

2013 has been a year where sequels and franchises have continued to dominate the Box Office. The top five films in the worldwide box office all fit into this category with Gravity and The Croods the only original films breaking into the top ten (although Frozen probably still has some business left to do).

Likewise R-Rated movies (or 15/18 certificate movies in the UK) are virtually dead box office wise. The Hangover Part III at number nineteen being the highest grossing film in this category.

Expect to see these trends continue in 2014 as audiences and studios alike enjoy the comfort that comes from familiarity.

Anyway, in all I reckon I’ve seen 52 of the films released in 2013 so one for each week of the year. I’ve managed to boil this list down to just five. So in true buzz feed style here is: The Top Five Films of 2013 only true movie fans will appreciate.

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What I’ve Been Watching: Gravity


What is cinema for? That is the question one must consider when approaching a film like Gravity which has become one of the most-hyped films of 2013 by fans and critics alike.

If we say cinema is merely a story-telling medium, then there is little to differentiate it from literature. The nuts and bolts of any story told on the big screen can be just as well told on the black and white pages of a book.

No, films do not exist merely to tell stories, and Gravity, which would not work anywhere near as well written down, goes a long way to proving this.

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