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What I’ve Been Watching: Executive Koala

executive_koala.jpgBilled as “The most shocking psycho koala horror movie,” Executive Koala is like no film you’ve ever seen. Unless, that is, you’ve seen other films from director, Minoru Kawasaki, such as Calamari Wrestler and The World Sinks Except Japan.

The movie stars a human-sized koala trying to make it in the corporate world. Everything seems to be going well: he’s about to secure a deal with the Koreans, he’s got a beautiful (human) girlfriend, and his boss (a rabbit) considers him his right-hand man/koala.

Then his girlfriend gets brutally murdered. The police suspect our titular hero. As memories of his first marriage come flooding back, could it be that this cute koala is in fact a psycho killer?

Executive Koala is a whole heap of crazy. In many ways it has a lot in common with the types of Best Worst Movies we review every month on the podcast. In that its enjoyment comes from laughing at the absurdity of what’s happening on screen. However, unlike a Best Worst Movie, that’s entirely the director’s intention.

It reminded me a lot of the films of Stephen Chow, such as Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle. As well as Edgar Wright’s Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. By that I mean, it completely understands the genre it is sending up, and seeks to put as unique a twist as possible on it.

Examples of its sense of humour include a puppet squirrel which magically appears at the high security prison “Alkatraza” with some helpful items; the koala’s red glowing Terminator-like eyes when it gets angry; and an opening title sequence which includes the lines:

“Nothing gets him down
Extramarital affairs, getting a divorce,
The world is beautiful.”

Executive Koala is a film that’s difficult to fully describe. However, chances are if you like the idea of a koala’s attempts to be successful in business, while clearing his name for murder, then you’ll probably enjoy the rest of the film.

It’s probably worth including the trailer for the film just to give you a further taste of what to expect (Note there’s no subtitles, not that it would really make much difference):

And because it includes one of the most awesome lyrics of all time (see above), here’s the opening titles (with English subtitles):