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What I’ve Been Watching: DVD – Dahmer Vs Gacy

Article first published as DVD Review: Dahmer vs Gacy on Blogcritics.

Dahmer vs GacyThere’s something to be said for the pastiche or spoof movie. At its best it produces gems like Shaun of the Dead, Planet Terror, and Airplane!. At its worst Date Movie, Epic Movie, and Meet the Spartans.

Creating these movies is always a risk. The worst spoof movies hope that merely mentioning the ‘crazy’ things that happen in other films will be enough to make audiences’ sides split. They also fail to actually give the audience an ‘in’ by ensuring the characters actually care about what’s going on.

Dahmer vs Gacy is undoubtedly a spoof movie. Its plot concerns two of America’s most notorious serial killers, Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy, having been cloned by a top-secret government lab. Inevitably they escape, and killing ensues.

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