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Top Five Films of Edinburgh International Film Festival


So Edinburgh International Film Festival is over another year. The festival has become a time of exhilaration and frustration for me. Exhilaration, in that I get to see lots of amazing independent films; and frustration in that one of the few downsides of having a full-time job as teacher is that I cannot take time off to see all the films I would like to.

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This is Martin Bonner (EIFF 2013)



This is Martin Bonner is the second film I saw at EIFF that dealt with the relationship between Christianity and american society. The first being C.O.G.. Both films bring out the positives and negatives of belonging to a church community quite well as well as being great character studies in their own right.

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C.O.G. (EIFF 2013)

C.O.G. is the title of a story based on an essay by David Sedaris, a writer which listeners to This American Life will recognise as one of its most regular and well-known contributors. Sedaris is known for telling colourful stories about from his own life, which almost sound too fantastical to be true.

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