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Top Five Films of Edinburgh International Film Festival


So Edinburgh International Film Festival is over another year. The festival has become a time of exhilaration and frustration for me. Exhilaration, in that I get to see lots of amazing independent films; and frustration in that one of the few downsides of having a full-time job as teacher is that I cannot take time off to see all the films I would like to.

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A Play for Freedom (EIFF 2013)


Iran is a country of 75 million people. That’s quite a lot of people. Yet, when we watch the news it’s easy to assume that everyone’s views are represented by just one or two of their leaders. For example, in the UK last week viewers of Question Time saw right-wing columnist Melanie Philips declare Iran needed to be “neutralised”. Of course Iran is a much more complex country than such tirades suggest, something beautifully depicted in films like A Play for Freedom.

The film opens with the tale of an evil King who is feeding his subject’s children to snakes. Thankfully a hero is on hand to fight the King, but he can only do it if the people “rise up” and join him.

You do not have to have a masters in literature to work out the subtext here.

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