Public React to EIFF’s Killer Joe

Last night (Wednesday 20th June) saw the opening of Edinburgh International Film Festival with the gritty black comedy Killer Joe.

A brave and controversial choice for the festival’s opening, it contained scenes of brutal violence and sexual perversion. But what did the public make of the film? Was it all too much to handle? Or did they just set back and enjoy the whole depraved ride? Here’s a summary of their thoughts via Spotify

  1. jutough
    Still puzzling over Killer Joe at @edfilmfest .. sing of a good film? Ken Hay and team did a great job of a memorable opeining night
  2. ChadLDN
    FYI I’ve seen ‘Killer Joe’ & thought it was dull, poorly acted and trying TOOOO hard to be dark & cool.
  3. NinjaWorrier
    #edfilmfest opening night a definite winner. Despite some misgivings re mysogynistic aspects of Killer Joe, it”s masterfully made.
  4. jwoodoliver
    Killer Joe, great choice for EIFF opener, sleazy, dark, disturbing with top notch performances from McConaughey and Juno Temple. Go see it!
  5. martinjsmith
    Being told endless times before the screening that Killer Joe is a comedy was a bad sign. Lame, artless misogyny #edfilmfest
  6. davidlloydreid
    Killer Joe. Interesting. Violent. Disturbing. Surprising. A “brave” choice to open. ChrisJcanpullitoff
  7. Scojo83
    Been to the premiere of Killer Joe with @fee_jackson. I really enjoyed it, but it definitely won’t be to everyone’s taste.
  8. Zaleary
    Killer Joe occupied the space between hilarious and sadistic, boldly shouting that sex and violence aren’t just for cheap entertainment.
  9. atecoats
    Been to Edinburgh premier of Killer Joe. A bit like Coen bros films with bumbling amateur criminals. Very funny. Great!
  10. quiettrickster
    Killer Joe: Crikey. Manages to be both deeply unpleasant and highly entertaining. Doesn’t give you – or the plot – time to breathe. #eiff
  11. Beathhigh
    ‘Killer Joe’: claustrophobic; mind-blowing performances; great sets; wonderful direction and camerawork. Hell is other people….

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