What I’ve Been Watching: DVD – Dahmer Vs Gacy

Article first published as DVD Review: Dahmer vs Gacy on Blogcritics.

Dahmer vs GacyThere’s something to be said for the pastiche or spoof movie. At its best it produces gems like Shaun of the Dead, Planet Terror, and Airplane!. At its worst Date Movie, Epic Movie, and Meet the Spartans.

Creating these movies is always a risk. The worst spoof movies hope that merely mentioning the ‘crazy’ things that happen in other films will be enough to make audiences’ sides split. They also fail to actually give the audience an ‘in’ by ensuring the characters actually care about what’s going on.

Dahmer vs Gacy is undoubtedly a spoof movie. Its plot concerns two of America’s most notorious serial killers, Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy, having been cloned by a top-secret government lab. Inevitably they escape, and killing ensues.

The main problem with the film is like Epic Movie, etc., it thinks it’s a lot cleverer and funnier than it really is. Examples of this include the voice of God using the f-bomb against the film’s protagonist; or another character using the same word thirty times in a row.

It reminds me of the type of humour you would get as an eleven year old in the playground. As the ‘coolest’ guy in school would swear like a trooper much to the applause and delight of his peers. Funny as that might have been when I was eleven, it’s not something I consider smart, amusing, or even ironic now. Unfortunately it sums up much of the ‘humour’ of Dahmer vs Gacy.

When it wasn’t resorting to schoolboy humour, the film was bordering on the offensive. Was I really supposed to laugh at a mentally disturbed homeless guy being brutally murdered? Why then include that scene? Also, are the constant references to the serial killers’ sexuality supposed to suggest something? Even if they’re not, the film is so puerile and idiotic, it’s difficult to tell what point it is trying to make.

In short Dahmer vs Gacy is a crude, offensive film that you shouldn’t waste your time on. It would probably be best if it was retitled Not Another Versus Movie as it would sit nicely alongside Disaster Movie and Vampires Suck in someone’s DVD collection. This would have the added bonus of informing you that the owner of said collection has absolutely zero taste, and it’s probably best if you avoid all contact with them from now until eternity.

7 responses to “What I’ve Been Watching: DVD – Dahmer Vs Gacy

  1. Others reading may not believe that this review is a lot more generous than what he said on Twitter and IRL.

  2. There’s something very ironic about watching an uncool film so you can talk about how uncool it is to make yourself seem cooler.

  3. The last 10 minutes of this film was all I caught while you were watching it Mark, and just from that evidence I can honestly say it probably is the most awful and unpleasantly bad thing put on film and I almost feel bad for the low quality spoof movies you mention being grouped with it. I saw Date Movie, unfortunately, and bad as it was I couldn’t honestly say it was in the same category as this vile turd. I genuinely feel sorry for you having had to watch it all the way through

  4. @Claire said:
    “There’s something very ironic about watching an uncool film so you can talk about how uncool it is to make yourself seem cooler.”

    I think the word you’re looking for is ‘hipster’.

    Regardless, watching bad films is one of my pastimes. There’s a certain joy in seeing people failing spectacularly in a new and creative way.
    Unfortunately bad spoof movies are rarely creative, and this one is offensive in so many different ways. For a better selection, check out this link:

  5. I found this.
    Let’s never ever watch it.

  6. I watched the movie with a few friends and it is a lot of fun and appeals to a lot of tastes. It is so ridiculous that you have to watch it.

  7. ^ How can this appeal to a lot of tastes : – D I’m big on actual serial killer depictions, so don’t think I would like this one haha

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