Edinburgh Film Festival: Here We Come


Yes, it may be six weeks away, and yes, we still do not know an awful lot about what All That Heaven Allows will actually allow; however, we here at you can observe a lot just by watching are very excited about this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Yes, you heard right, I did use the first person plural, as oppose to first person singular to describe who at this blog is excited. You see, it won’t just be me attending EIFF as a member of the press this year, but my podcast co-host Laura Croft as well.

At this point, you may have some questions, so I’ll do my best to pre-emptively answer them.

I’ve never been to the Edinburgh Film Festival before, what actually happens there?

The Edinburgh International Film Festival is now in its 65th year. Since its inception it has premiered little known films such as Blade Runner, Back to the Future, Taxi Driver, The Hurt Locker. Last year saw Winter’s Bone and The Illusionist premiere at the festival, both of which went on to get nominations at this year’s oscars.

The festival takes place over 12 days, and will this year be showing films mainly in The Cameo and Filmhouse cinemas in the centre of town. Tickets will be available to pre-order at the end of May/beginning of June via the official website. Although you can always turn up on the day and hope your chosen film has yet to sell out. Some films will also feature Q&As with producers, directors, or members of the cast. Alongside all the films, there are normally some special Q&As. Patrick Stewart and Darren Aronofsky are amongst those to feature in the past.

Finally, this year’s festival will see the addition of guest curators including Gus Van Sant and Isabella Rossellini. They have been asked to come up with a programme of films or events which could potentially take place anywhere in the city.

Like any film festival, the beauty of attending it is going to see a film like The Hurt Locker without knowing anything about it, and then being totally blown away by what you just experienced. You then get to potentially repeat the experience five, ten, or twenty times, depending on how many films you decide to go and see.

Of course the beauty of the festival also brings along its own unique dilemma: how do you decide between 300 films you know nothing about? Hopefully that’s where this site, and others like it, can help out.

So how is your site going to cover the festival?

Our regular podcast co-hosts Steve O’Hara and Dave Wark will be joining us for two special EIFF episodes. One aiming to take the fear out of the festival by giving you guys our top recommendations for films to see. And then one after the two weeks summing up our favourite films and moments from the 65th EIFF.

During the festival itself, Laura and I will be regularly posting reviews; covering the most exciting events; and hopefully bringing you some interviews as well.

Our aim is to have among the most comprehensive coverage of this year’s EIFF on the internet, making use of social media, audio, video and anything else we can think of.

The next major piece of EIFF coverage we’ll have will be our recommendations for the festival. You can expect that shortly after the programme is released on 17 May. In the meantime make sure your diary’s free 15 – 26 June for what is surely the highlight of the Scottish film calendar.


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