Podcast: My New Best Van Dyke

podcast.jpgMark Davidson, Laura Croft, Steve O’Hara and Dave Wark return for the April edition of the podcast. We discuss the recent exits of Mark Cousins, Lynda Myles, and Tilda Swinton from the Edinburgh Film Festival, review Source Code, and talk about Titanic II in our Best Worst Movie section.

Among the highlights is Steve’s bad experience when he tried to cash one of EIFF director, James Mullighan’s cheques.

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Special Features

As a gift to people who read the blog, as oppose to just subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, here’s some stuff on the interweb relating to this month’s podcast:

Trailer for Source Code:

Trailer for Titanic II:

Running Order

Total Duration: 43 Minutes

Just Been Watching
Dave – Jerry Springer: The Opera
Steve – My New Best Friend
Laura – Welcome to the Dollhouse; Belfast Film Festival

Edinburgh Film Festival creative trio quit.

Cinema Review
Source Code

Best Worst Movie
Titanic 2

You can contact the podcast at observealot(at)gmail(dot)com


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