Podcast: Oscanations

podcast.jpgMark Davidson, Laura Croft, Steve O’Hara and Dave Wark return, and its all about the oscars. They give their opinions on this year’s nominations; then review two of the Best Picture nominations: 127 Hours and Black Swan; and finish up with Best Worst Movie: a documentary about one of the worst movies of all time, Troll 2:

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Special Features

As a gift to people who read the blog, as oppose to just subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, here’s some stuff on the interweb relating to this month’s podcast:

The full list of oscar nominations

127 Hours trailer:

Black Swan trailer:

Best Worst Movie Trailer:

Running Order:

Total Duration: 41 Minutes

Oscanations (or as some people call them “Oscar Nominations”)

127 Hours

Black Swan

DVD Review: Best Worst Movie

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