Podcast – The Greatest Toy Story Ever Told?

Mark Davidson, Laura Croft, Steve O’Hara and Dave Wark discuss what they’ve been watching, review Toy Story 3, and begin their quest to find the Best Worst Movie of All Time with Howling IV.

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Running Order:
Total Duration: 45 Minutes

Just Been Watching

Dave – Hoop Dreams
NB. We mention during this discussion that the oscar voting process changed because of Hoop Dreams omission, but we weren’t sure of the precise details. The change was that a volunteer screening panel was set-up in New York in addition to the existing panel in L.A. to make sure as many films as possible got the chance they deserved.
Steve – Lie To Me
Mark – Sherlock
Laura – Grizzly Man; Knight and Day

Cinema Review -Toy Story 3

Best Worst Movie – Howling 4

Post-Credits Sequence “We’re All In Fear” is one of many classic lines from Howling 4.


One response to “Podcast – The Greatest Toy Story Ever Told?

  1. Suggestion for best worst movie!
    CARNIVAL MAGIC: alinguistically gifted primate is part of a carnival family and offers counsel to members of the carnival.

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