EIFF Podcast

80B8E843-2784-4ED0-AC54-959EF152E132.jpgThe Edinburgh International Film Festival is a big event. Try as I might it was impossible to see all 130+ films at this year’s fest.

In light of this I recruited Three Musketeers(@laura_croft @davewark @steve_ohara) to help me with thoughts and insights into this year’s highlights:

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Let me know what you think of this venture into unknown territory for the blog. Enjoy!

Running Order:

General Thoughts about the Festival

The “Big Four” (The Illusionist; Third Star; Mr Nice; Toy Story 3)

The Official Award Winners (Skeletons; Monsters; Mr Nice; The Oath; Get Low)

Religious/Spiritual films (My Son, My Son What Have Ye Done; Edge of Dreaming; The People vs George Lucas)

Sexuality (brilliantlove; The Runaways)

Kids Nowadays… (Cherry Tree Lane, Winter’s Bone)

Memories/The Past (The Secret in their Eyes; Blank City)

Our Favourite Film of the Festival


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